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February 06, 2023
Launch into 2023 with our new Imak client portal

We love being in the business of helping people have peace of mind and confidence when they look ahead. Trust and transparency are at the...

December 18, 2022
Time for peace and joy with those you love

Tips to ‘insure’ a good time! At Imak, your peace of mind is our priority. So with the festive season ahead, we’ve gathered ideas for...

September 13, 2022
We can't help you...unless we know!

You may be eligible for extra cover, but we can only help if we know Did you know that you've likely been in a situation...

August 08, 2022
The insurance review, reviewed for you.

What is an insurance review? Often, when I have called clients to offer a review, they are not sure what I am attempting. I think...

July 16, 2022
Our mortality risk gap needs addressing and #ItStartsWithAction

A key theme in this age of COVID is protecting against financial hardship. And 'Mortality Risk Gap' is a vital consideration. This is especially as...

June 11, 2022
Is the 'Wellbeing Budget' good for women?

They called it the Wellbeing Budget 2022 with “something for everyone”, but will it make a difference to women's financial wellbeing? The budget included health...

May 12, 2022
Financial wellbeing starts with action

Imak Director, Stewart Imrie says he recalls, (as a wee lad in the 80s) that women were told to get their dads to co-sign bank...

April 03, 2022
KiwiSaver and the battle of the sexes

Are women 'better' investors than men, even though they are less confident? According to studies by the Warwick Business School, Fidelity Investments, and the Journal...

March 12, 2022
Statistics and stories explain trauma insurance

As we head towards the end of 2022's first quarter we're pleased to share some more interesting and encouraging numbers than those we're seeing in...

February 12, 2022
Making the most of the stockmarket moves

With headwinds on the horizon, clients are asking about market volatility and automatically thinking to 'de-risk' by switching tacks. However, according to Imak Adviser Dina...

January 24, 2022
Here's our thoughts on what 2022 will bring

Happy New Year Firstly, it’s our hope you had a safe break and were able to spend time with those you love, building yourself back...

November 30, 2021
Here comes the break and peace of mind we all deserve!

Wow. Hasn't this been another choppy year of trading and fluctuating household incomes? Navigating through the last few months has been a stressful time for...

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