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Time for peace and joy with those you love

Tips to ‘insure’ a good time!

At Imak, your peace of mind is our priority. So with the festive season ahead, we’ve gathered ideas for making the holidays a time for you to truly relax and rejuvenate – even if you have big family plans.

Time for peace and joy

Keep it calm and bright

This season is so full of tradition that it can be easy to overlook pursuing things that simply bring the whole family joy at Christmas. Take every opportunity to laugh and have fun with your family. Even though the jokes in the Christmas crackers are pretty lame, laughter works wonders for the vibe in a house full of people.

It’s absolutely fine to have some boundaries, so you and your family don’t feel exhausted or stretched. Perhaps there’s a time each day when adults can do whatever they want. Or, you might choose to limit travel time until the busy season passes.

Counting your blessings may sound cliché, but it truly helps magnify the positives in your world. It’s also a great way to model the spirit for the season, so others follow suit.

Don’t put pressure on presents

Feeling frazzled by the pressure of getting meaningful gifts when you only see someone once a year? We’ve got you. We surveyed the Imak office for gift ideas that will make you and the recipient feel full of Christmas cheer.

Something growing. Not a kitten, but a plant – catmint for your aunt, a desk plant for your workaholic nephew or a snake plant for your mother-in-law.

Something to eat or drink. To make an average snack more festive, try going over the top with volume (such as a 1L Jar of liquorice for that niece) or variety – such as a special tropical fruit basket or a selection of flavoured tonic waters.

Something donated. Giving to charity can be a great gift for those who have everything. And it comes with the ethical imperative that they’re obligated to be grateful. For only $20, you can give a safe night for a mother and child through Women’s Refuge.

Something handmade. We’re not going to suggest you spend days baking Christmas cakes or preserving. But you might bring a smile to someone’s face with some unexpected creativity. If you’re bad at drawing, a framed sketch might steal the show. How about a diary with your personal dad jokes? That works even for those who are Claustra-phobic.

Something full of memories and moments. Printed photos can be a valuable heirloom for a generation whose images are mostly on Instagram and Tik Tok. Experiences such as movie tickets or a pampering treatment can bring the promise of time, which may be the most generous thing anyone can give.

Make time to connect

This summer, when you finish work for the day or the year, imagine being able to truly leave it behind. If you have a family business, you may be especially challenged to avoid ‘talking turkey’ when you all get together. If you do need to spend some time discussing business affairs, scheduling this separately can potentially save Christmas!

And for those days with visitors, aim to have a plan. Lock in the traditions and priorities, tell people what help you’ll need and when, and have some backup activities in store for bored kids… or bored adults.

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind

While you’re busy giving, don’t forget about yourself. People tell us they are more relaxed at Christmas, knowing their family is well protected.

The Imak offices will be closed from noon on Thursday, 22 December 2022 to Monday, 16 January 2023.

If you’d like a review of your policies and protection, we’d be pleased help you book a time for early in the New Year. We can also check and confirm your policy details, add covers or do anything else you need to put your mind at ease. Just call us on 09 307 9300.

If you have questions or need help over the break, you can contact Stewart Imrie 021 765 765

Everyone at Imak Advice wishes you a happy and safe Christmas. Above all, we hope you enjoy a well-deserved break to relax and spend with those you love.