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Find yourself the right adviser?
We have years of experience between us so we know the insurance & investment worlds inside out. And back to front.




Stewart Imrie
Director FSP52021
M: 021 765 765 stewart@imak.co.nz

Stewart is upfront, perceptive and straight-talking, even when he's helping you overcome complex situations. His mission is to get the best for you by understanding what matters most for your business, estate and family. People seek out Stewart's clear insights and smart solutions. When Stewart co-founded Imak, he brought together strong relationships and good people to offer more to his clients. If you want an enthusiastic, caring, first-class service, then talk to Stewart.


Ashleigh Heinz
M: 09 307 9300 ashleigh@imak.co.nz

If you’re new to Imak, Ashleigh will help you get set up. She’s the sparkle in the office who has her eye on the Imak brand and what it means for you. Behind her great big smile is a sharp and curious mind – she’s excited about finding new ways to show what makes Imak special.


David Lynch
Financial Adviser FSP1001495
M: 027 880 4064 davidl@imak.co.nz

David's ethos is simple; he aims to make the difficult seem straightforward for his clients. And he's got the expertise to do just that. David has spent years working in asset protection and estate planning in Ireland before coming to New Zealand and joining our team. He knows that no two situations are the same, but he knows what will make a difference to each one. We know you'll love David's genuine approach as much as we do. He's focused on finding the most useful and effective solutions, and he'll ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions at each step of your journey.


Audrey Bell
Adviser Assistant
M: 09 307 9300 audrey@imak.co.nz

Audrey is our solutions person. Usually, just speaking with her is enough to ease your worries and brighten your mood. Audrey cherishes the opportunity to talk with our customers because she sees every interaction as an opportunity to change someone’s day for the better. In fact, when she’s not at the Imak office supporting us all, you may find Audrey reading up on psychology; she genuinely loves people and understanding what makes them tick.


Ashton Howard
Financial Adviser FSP1002732
M: 027 880 2949 ashton@imak.co.nz

Ashton brings a degree in commerce and the New Zealand certificate in financial services (Level 5) to Imak, but it's people that he keeps top of mind. He loves being part of a team that brings together deep experiences and fresh perspectives. Ashton’s focus is on giving customers the peace of mind that comes when their insurance fits their needs. When he’s not in the office, Ashton will probably be on the court as a national level volleyball player. So, if you want to make sure you're passing your insurance to the right person, Ashton’s the one.


Dean Wolley
Financial Adviser FSP555687
M: 027 880 3308 dean@imak.co.nz


Dean Wolley is a highly experienced and dedicated financial adviser with a flair for problem-solving. Importantly, Dean's broad expertise in the industry allows him to help you make informed choices to safeguard your financial future. He's often seen the life-changing impact on his clients' lives with cover that delivered when it mattered most.

Dean says he values the tight-knit environment of Imak, where people can learn and thrive. When he's not here with us, you might find him spending time with his family, pug and Frenchie. Dean’s a proud stepdad, music enthusiast, disc golfer, movie buff and cricket player. In short, we love having him on our team, and recommend you get him on yours, too.


Dee Paranihi
Financial Adviser FSP1006721
M: 027 880 7154 dee@imak.co.nz

Dee has a degree in Commerce, also the New Zealand certificate in financial services (Level 5), this is coupled with huge amount of diverse work experience. Starting her career in the banking sector in London where she worked in many of the top banks in financial services, she then returned home after a 9-year career abroad to start her career in Not for Profit while raising her 4 children. In this line of work for the past 16 years she has been able to raise money for lots of lucky charities, she puts people before anything else. Her honest approach and straight talking in simple no nonsense terms makes her ability to build trusting relations a key asset. Dee says, I believe in having a plan B and insurance is a huge part of that financial plan. It helps me sleep at night knowing if the worse happens, my kids will be financially stable and things in place to make things easier to deal with.


Turin Howell
Financial Adviser FSP598210
M: 027 880 6884 turin@imak.co.nz

Turin will work with you to achieve the best retirement you can afford. He believes in working with his clients in an open and friendly manner and keeping things simple. He will work with you through your current situation, make recommendations, and put together a plan to ensure your ongoing wealth and well-being. With over 5 years of experience as an adviser for a larger corporate entity, he has acquired the skills and knowledge to handle the ebbs and flows of investing and keep his clients on track. Talk to Turin about Managed Funds, Portfolios, KiwiSaver, and Superannuation. When he's not working, Turin can be found spending time with his family of two young boys, enjoying music festivals, sports events, and the beaches around Auckland.