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How we work with you

What can we help you with?

Imak Advice Limited have advisers that specialise in advice on personal insurance and insurance for business owners. The type of insurance that our advisers provide advice around is insurance that will assist at time of certain illnesses, certain injuries, and death. This could include but is not limited to, Life Cover, Income Protection, Serious Illness Cover, Health Insurance etc.

Aside from this, we have advisers who can help you with investment choices whether it be your KiwiSaver, or you have a lump sum that you would like advice as to where you might invest this given your goals.

What is our process?

Once we connect (make contact) we want to hear what you are looking to achieve and be sure that we are in agreement and that we can be helpful in your circumstance.

If we are not able to assist you then we may be able to recommend someone or some organisation that could assist. This will be the case throughout the whole process.

We do this by gathering details from you. We will conduct a fact-finding exercise to get to the bottom of what could be helpful.

Once we have gathered the detail that we require we will discuss the nature and scope of the service that we will be involved in for you. We will then seek agreement and proceed to the next step.

The next step is we will analyse the information we have gathered in relation to the agreed nature and scope of service. We may check back with you to be sure we are on the right track. Once we have analysed your information and the products available from our suppliers, we will put together a statement of advice for you to consider.

The statement of advice will assist you to decide whether to follow our advice. It is not unusual at this stage for clients to tell us they would like a few changes. We will accommodate this and change the statement of advice on your instructions if this is the case.

Should you accept the advice we will assist you in implementing it. For example, if an insurance application is required to be completed then we will assist with this. We will lodge this with the selected insurer and work with the insurer to get a decision on cover.

Once we have a decision, we will be back to you with the findings. If you are happy to proceed at this stage, we will have the cover placed for you and have the insure confirm with the terms and any policy documents.

Should you or a family member need to make a claim on any cover we will assist you personally with this matter.

Should any Policy Owner (you or the nominated party) have any questions surrounding any policy, we will be there to answer your questions and assist.

Should you have any complaints surrounding our service or advice you can go straight to our Director, Stewart Imrie on his mobile, 021 765 765, or email him at stewart@imak.co.nz.

He will be back to you within 2 days and attempt to have your complaint resolved within 7 days or an agreed period of time.

Should you not be happy with any attempt to resolve your complaint you are able to contact our deputes resolution company which is: Financial Services Complaints Limited. They can be contacted in the following ways. (This is at no cost to you).

Financial Services Complaints Limited
Level 4, 101 Lambton Quay
Wellington 6011

Postal Address
PO Box 5967
Wellington 6140


0800 347 257
+64 4 472 3725

Who are our suppliers?

Below is a list of our Suppliers we will consider when selecting product or making a recommendation.

Risk Product Suppliers:

  • AIA New Zealand
  • Asteron Life Limited
  • AMP New Zealand
  • Cigna Life Insurance NZ Limited
  • Fidelity Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Nib New Zealand Limited
  • Partners Life Limited
  • Southern Cross Health Society

Investment Product Providers:

  • AMP Services (NZ) Ltd
  • ANZ New Zealand Investments Ltd
  • Booster Investment Management Ltd
  • Fisher Funds Management Ltd
  • Select Wealth Management Ltd
  • Consilium NZ Ltd
  • Generate Investment Holdings Ltd
  • Milford Funds Ltd
  • i-Select Ltd
  • Finzo NZ Ltd

How do we get paid?

Imak Advice pays all its Financial Advisers salaries. Some advisers do qualify for bonus payments from Imak that is related to their contribution to Imak revenue and in addition their internal regulatory compliance checklist and client surveys.

Imak Advice obtains revenue in the form of commissions from its suppliers/providers when a policy goes into force for a client and or an investment product is placed on behalf of a client.

Imak Advice receives an initial commission payment and an ongoing commission each year from our suppliers for as long as the investment and or insurance policy is in place.

Our advisers will explain this to you when they are making a recommendation and they can explain the dollar amount or percentage amount of revenue that Imak Advice will receive in your specific situation.

Aside from the above Imak Advice does receive a referral commission revenue from Scott and Co Financial Services Limited should we refer a client to this practice for Mortgage assistance and a client proceeds with their advice. Likewise, if we refer a client to PIC Insurances for any General Insurance solution and a client proceeds with their recommendations. We are happy to explain what that commission revenue is should we refer you to these organisations.

With both organisations above we have a formal referral agreement that we review every year.

There are also occasions where staff at Imak Advice Limited are invited by suppliers to enjoy some hospitality. This may include an event such as a rugby game, a convention or coffee at a business meeting. These occasions may include food and in addition other refreshments and beverages, even alcoholic beverages. There are occasions where suppliers also provide gifts. These could be a fruit box, wine, corporate branded gifts such as caps, pens, and other miscellanies.

Some clients may consider this a conflict or inducement. Imak Advice Limited staff are very clear on our policy around inducements and gifts, and we have a gift register where anything above is registered. Staff are to check with the Director prior to any acceptance of such items or events.

We are happy to show you our gift register if you would like to enquire.

We hope the above assists you in understanding the way we work and do appreciate you may have further questions. We would be happy to answer these. You can enquire with any of our advisers and or call our Director, Stewart Imrie on 09 307 9300 and we will be happy to assist.

If you are not already a client, we would love to work with you. You can contact us at:

Imak Advice Limited
09 307 9300 | info@imak.co.nz
18 Garfield Street