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Magic ideas to restart business growth

New Zealanders have all played their part over the last few weeks. Now, we’re ready to help you move your focus from surviving to thriving. Supporting small businesses to flourish again is vital. 

We’re pleased to share this Lockdown Marketing Magic Guide with you and other Imak Advice customers. Download your .pdf ebook with lots of ideas that you can use right now by clicking here

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We can help with your insurance and mortgage questions

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been speaking with many clients who are wondering what options are available with their mortgages.

In addition, some clients have wanted a hand with their General Insurance cover – insurance on home, contents and cars.

If you’d like some help with queries like these, please call us on 09 307 9300.

Need some mortgage advice?

Imak Advice has a strong relationship with a non-aligned mortgage consultant, Jackie Scott. Jackie Scott has been in this business for over 30 years and has extended expert help to our clients over the years. We’d be pleased to put you in touch with Jackie to help with your mortgage questions and work out affordable options for you.  

Want to understand your options for insurance?

We also have a very strong relationship with PIC Insurance. PIC has been helping our clients insure their valuable possessions for many years. If you would like advice on your covers and the options that are available for you, call us on 09 307 9300, and we’ll arrange for one of their consultants to contact you.