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Finding the right adviser can be a big ask

Choosing your financial adviser is an important decision. You need to find an expert who listens, understands your situation, and earns your trust. It’s quite a big ask!

How can you find out if an adviser will be a good fit for you? The right questions can help you get straight to the heart of things. So, we’ve put some suggestions below to get you started.

Is your adviser aligned to a provider?

We recommend you check if an adviser is aligned to any particular provider. That will decide whether they can recommend the product that is truly the best fit for you, or if they’re more limited.

At Imak, finding the best solution for each customer is our priority. That’s why we’ve decided to remain unaligned. Instead, we’ve personally checked and approved a range of products. We’ll look for one that’s exactly right for you.

How often are claims paid out?

When people need to make a claim, it may be during one of the worst times in their lives. So, it makes sense to have an adviser who you can count on when it really matters.

We see around $15 million a year paid out to Imak clients, with an average payout of $500,000. We work hard for every customer to ensure their claims are paid quickly and smoothly. Seeing how much relief this gives people is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs.

Is your adviser registered?

We recommend you learn more about licencing when you’re looking for a financial adviser. You can do this on the Financial Markets Authority website.

You should only work with registered advisers. Registered Financial Advisors must act with care, diligence, and skill, as well as meeting a range of other requirements.

At Imak, our advisers are fully registered. Many are also Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs).

The regulations in our industry are changing. But, our focus is always on being at the leading edge of any requirements, rather than catching up. We’ll meet all the new requirements.

What is the role of values in your work?

When it comes to your finances, it’s vital to find an adviser whose values match your own. Lip service is not enough. The right adviser should be able to explain how their values affect the way they work.

At Imak, a couple of our values are care and honesty. For us, that means being straight-talking and upfront. We won’t hide behind jargon or unnecessary complexity. You can see this in the way we work – whether it’s how advisers explain options or how we describe our services on our website. Our focus is on serving you, not confusing you!

If you’d like to talk to one of our advisers and ask some questions of your own, please get in touch. Call Darryl on 09 307 9300 or email info@imak.co.nz