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What can you expect now things have changed in Insurance and Investment?

The insurance and financial industry is now very different

At Imak Advice, we make sure you’re the one who benefits from every change in our industry. Darryl Scott, General Manager explains how the industry has evolved and what you can expect.

Over the years, I have watched this industry evolve away from the insurance person who was a product flogger. There was a time when the insurer launched some new plan and told the salesperson to get out there and move it. Little or no regard was given to the client and what they needed. That client could later discover they’d been sold some insurance and investment combination that was expensive insurance and a useless savings vehicle. Fortunately, those days are long gone!

So, what’s changed?

A lot has changed. Complex regulation has been wrapped around our industry, and Imak has embraced this; we’re always ready to make sure our customers’ interests are the priority. It complements our approach of being straight-talking and personal. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Advice: Advice is the product you get from us, not the particular package you choose.
  • A process focused on you: Our advisers must follow a process when they are with you to make sure your interests and objectives come first.
  • Research: Our advisers conduct research before they recommend any product.
  • Non-alignment: Imak is not aligned to any supplier, insurer, or investment company.
  • A salaried team: All Imak advisers are on salary, and this removes any potential compulsion to make a sale.
  • Liability and client recourse: If an Imak Adviser makes a mistake, our clients have recourse.
  • External audits on our process and advice: Imak pays an external audit company to ensure our standards are best practice.
  • Claims assistance: Imak adviser will assist you with all claims. You’ll know how valuable this is if you talk to people who experienced the frustration of dealing directly with insurers during a stressful time.

Unlike the insurance salesperson from days gone by, we’re here to build a long term relationship with you. We want to keep in touch and help you make adjustments if that’s what is best.

In fact, in line with the changes over the years, we now also have an obligation to ensure your file is current. So, if you get a call from one of our advisers, please help us to make sure we have your file updated. They may ask to make a time to meet which is the most helpful way to do this. Remember our advisers are salaried and won’t be out to persuade you to do anything against your will. Instead, we’re here so you get great advice that fits your needs.